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Semi Precious Stone

Modern Bathroom Design IdeasOur team are capable of creating the most beautiful worktops, bathroom fittings and tiles in a range of semi-precious materials. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet the needs of our clients to the finest detail.  If you want a semi precious worktop made from the finest petrified wood or rose quartz,  we can make it happen. We can make almost anything from semi-precious stone.  Some of the more common items we are asked to make in luxury materials include: ·

Kitchen Countertops

Bathroom Basins

Wall Tiles


Accents in Semi-Precious Stone

If you would rather use natural stone such as marble, granite and slate for the majority of your kitchen and bathroom surfaces, you can use semi-precious materials such as agate and carnelian as accents in various points around the room. This type of design is very popular as it is quite economical, highly practical and can look absolutely stunning when done properly.   Find Out More about Our Semi-Precious Range If you would like any further information about our luxury range or you have any questions about what exactly we can do with materials such as amethyst and agate, please feel free to call us on 0121 386 2414 or send an email to . We offer a completely bespoke service to all of our customers so whatever it is you would like us to do, we can almost certainly accommodate your request.